Sunday, March 6, 2016

Crafty Maven Channel Design Team!!

Exciting news!!!  If you know me, you know that I LOVE YouTube.  Love watching videos, love posting videos and love the community found there.  So when I saw that the Crafty Maven Getaway channel was holding a design team call - I jumped!!  I was very nervous to apply, mostly because I feel like a very different style than what is currently trendy especially on YouTube.

BUT I know that the way I scrapbook is like a lot of others out there, and I am glad that my videos are entertaining those who have subscribed to my channel.  I love to watch all kinds of scrapbook videos, even those who have a very different style than my own and will often watch more for the chit chat than the actual crafting!

So you can imagine how excited I was to get an email back from Hannah not asking for more information or a simple "thank you.  we will get back soon..." but a YES!  Woohoo!

My first video went live on Saturday.  I chose to contribute during the throwback to Two Peas week.  I love lifting layouts from Nichol Magouirk and Jennifer Gallacher so I knew that was a perfect fit for ME.  So I played along with their Scraplift Saturday series and continued on with my current project of getting 2014's Month in Review style pages done.  I had already been using Nichol's style as an influence for those pages so it was a perfect fit for me.

Here is the video that went up on Saturday:

If you haven't already subscribed to the Crafty Maven Getaway channel, be sure to check it out.  There are usually TWO videos posted each day of the week so there is sure be something to inspire you during the week.

You can find me on YouTube HERE on my channel, ColieBing for my own scrapbook process videos and other scrappy projects.  

I will leave you with some close up photos of the page below!

Nicole :)

Friday, March 4, 2016

Let's see if I can remember how to blog...

Hello, hello, hello!

I am attempting to get back into a habit of sorts with blogging.  Lots of things are going on RIGHT NOW in my crafty world so I feel the need to share and write things down.

1)  My local scrapbook store closed this week.  I am thankful to this store, as it taught me so much over the years but it also started me on my teaching journey.  Shortly after I had my first baby I was talked into teaching classes and they took off.  Fast forward FOUR years later and those wonderful customers are still in touch and sad that they will not be able to take Disney layout classes with me anymore.  I am still debating about some options with that, but I think I am still in mourning.

I did get my hands on some clear paper shelves (like I need MORE room for paper...) and have those set up and am using them to sort some projects I have in various stages.  More on that later.

2)  Last month I applied to the Design Team call for the Crafty Maven Getaway channel on YouTube - and they picked me!!!  I am so excited!!  I watch more YouTube than television or Netflix so it's a good fit for me.  My first video is scheduled for tomorrow and I am a little nervous about that.  Just looking at the album where we upload our projects on the private facebook group - I am VERY different style-wise compared to the other girls on the channel.  I am hoping this a good thing, and that variety is something viewers are looking forward to.  I will have a blog post up tomorrow with all the information on that and a link to the video.

3)  My scrappy hangout of choice for years has been a private message board (Hi Peeps!!) and the last two weeks of March we are going to be doing a speed scrapping challenge!  I am using this challenge as a kick in the behind to get through some Scrapbook Generation kits that are seriously piled up way to high (I am even considering cancelling my subscription for a few months, and you KNOW how much I love my SG kits!).  So I am all ready for that and excited to challenge to myself to see how many layouts I can get done during those two weeks.

4)  With the closing of my local scrapbook store, I found myself lost as far as what to do about teaching.  I enjoy the teaching aspect, but not the prep that was involved with the particular classes that we were doing.  I am in the process of developing my own online class, and will hopefully be able to offer it for purchase through this blog.  I am still researching the technical aspects of this, but have already outline a class course and complete the first layout.  I will be posting a class description and more information pertaining to that here as well.  BUT I can tell you that the focus of the class is using uncropped 4x6 prints.  We all have tons of those laying around waiting for inspiration to hit us.  I am structuring the class to provide sketches that I created, as well as a way for anyone to take their prints and figure out a layout based on what they specifically have to use and what their style and needs are.  

Thanks for stopping by!